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Our Website and How We Test Accessibility

The Declaration of accessibility is an instrument with which Administrations make public the state of accessibility of every website and mobile app under their name. The declaration is written and published using the online application, created by the Agency for a Digital Italy (Italian acronym AGID) following the EU Directive 2016/2102 (Guidelines Attachment 1).

Our Website is based on CMS Drupal and underwent a technical test of accessibility. The test is repeated periodically so to constantly improve accessibility levels. 

All technical verifications have been implemented through the use of automatic validators along with further manual and visual tests to correct the possibility of false positives and errors reported by the validator itself. 

At the moment, the website has been randomly tested throughout all its pages and resulted in overall accessibility. New tests are periodically done to detect and correct any possible problem that could arise outside of the tested sample.

How to send us your opinion or tips on accessibility 

Keeping our website accessible is for us a core priority. For any opinion or suggestion towards an improvement of the accessibility of contents, or to signal anything not compliant with guidelines, you can drop us an email at the following address:

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