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Please note you must store the tissue properly until implant.

For frozen tissue, you must keep it at -80°C until the expiry date or at -20°C for 6 months from the date of acquisition with a constant temperature monitor and a proper alarm system.

For conservation at room temperature, we recommend you store the tissue in a closed dry space, with controlled access away from direct light.

You must keep a register of stored tissues and you must comply with the following guidelines:

  • DO NOT USE the tissue after the expiry date
  • Strictly follow the instructions on the documentation we provided with the tissue
  • ALWAYS check the integrity of the packaging, the label and the expiry date
  • NEVER implant frozen or partially frozen tissue. The recipient tissue can be damaged and in vivo thawing can cause dislocations and loosening
  • NEVER use warm/hot water for thawing. You MUST use distilled water or sterile saline at a temperature between +18°C and +37°C
  • The leftover tissue MUST NOT be stored and used for other recipients
  • You can send non-used tissue back to us along with a Declaration of non-use and good conservation, by prior arrangement
  • You cannot send back to us tissue which has been already opened or partially used in the surgery room

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