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Transplant Network

The Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank BTM, within our National Healthcare System, is part of the National Transplant Network which has the following structure:

National Level


  • National Transplant Centre CNT. Together with the Ministry of Health, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces is the authority in charge of managing donations and transplants of organs, tissues and cells. 
  • Technical Permanent Committee for Transplants, is the advisory body of the abovementioned CNT. The Committee is in charge of operational management for donations and transplants of organs, tissues and cells.

Regional Level


  • Regional and Interregional Transplant Centres CRT. These centres are the institutions in charge of coordinating the procurement, donations and transplants along with organ allocation.

Local Level


  • Hospital Coordination. Hospitals ensure the immediate communication of donor data to the CNT and CRT. Hospitals are in charge of procurement management and communication with the donors and their families by providing all the information on donations and transplants. 
  • Procurement Facilities. Medical facilities where is carried out the procurement of organs, tissue and hemopoietic staminal cells for transplant.
  • Transplant Facilities. All the hospitals where is present a trained team, authorised by the Region or the Autonomous Province to carry out transplants of organs, tissue and cells.
  • Tissue Institutes. Banks of Musculoskeletal tissue are non-profit organisations where is carried out the processing, conservation, banking, procurement, control and distribution of human tissues and cells.

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