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Paediatric Corrective Surgery

Children with conditions of the musculoskeletal system often need corrective surgical treatments which need the application of homologous bone grafts.

The most common requested grafts are the bone wedge or Tricortical Iliac Crest Bone Graft (TICBG), mainly used in osteotomies to correct deformities of lower and upper limbs (i.e. Blount Disease, Varus Elbow Post Trauma) or also in Tectoplasty, a corrective acetabular surgery following a luxation or congenital hip dysplasia (see the image below).

Other tissues such as fascia lata can be applied in the treatment of tarsal synostosis, the fusion of two or more bones of the foot. The surgery consists of resection of the fusion and interposing the fascia lata to avoid a synostosis relapse.

Immagine radiografica displasia congenita anca

A further application of homologous bone grafts is in the case of patients afflicted by metatarsal agenesis or hypogenesis. In this case, the full graft is implanted.

Finally, other types of grafts requested are bone shafts, used for post-traumatic pseudoarthrosis, and morselised bone applied for filling post-trauma hollow cavities in the bone.

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