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Tissue Distribution

You can autonomously organise the pickup of the parcel by clearly indicating the date, time and name of the carrier that is going to collect it OR you can ask us to organise transportation. In BOTH cases you must clearly provide the date of the surgery.

If we are taking care of transportation, you must consider the following:


  • Allow between 48 and 72 hours for delivery
  • Clearly state the address and timing for drop-off
  • Clearly state the date of the surgery (for which you will need the tissue ready to implant)
  • The possibility you have to store the tissue (please see different tissue conservation guidelines)
  • Your opening hours and location within your facility for parcel drop-off. (If you can, provide the name and surname of the person who is going to collect the parcel)
  • We can provide enough ice to maintain the cold chain for up to 72 hours

Please note you will be charged with all organisational costs. You can consult the price list in our reserved area.

Confezione sottovuoto di chips di spongiosa liofilizzata
Airtight packaging containing cancellous lyophilised bone chips 


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