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Autologous Tissue Conservation

Autologous musculoskeletal tissue sent by a medical facility signed up with our Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank BTM is processed upon request thanks to the possibility we have of storing it or carrying out a final validation after a gamma-ray decontamination treatment. 
You will need to provide us with the following documentation:

  • informed consent signed by the patient (or by a next of kin, if the patient is unable or permanently unconscious) – M01-IO-28
  • Tissue and Patient identification details – M02-PO-01
  • Results of the mandatory screening for transmittable diseases
  • Microbiological tests carried out on the tissue
  • Processing request (specify the kind of treatment you would like us to carry out on the tissue) and the due implantation date – M02-IO-28

The sterile kit for packaging cranial opercula is supplied by us. You will find enclosed the instruction brochure “Packaging of Autologous Musculoskeletal Tissue” (All.1-IO-28)
The tissue will be suitable for distribution after the gamma-ray decontamination treatment is carried out. All microbiological tests must have a negative result.
Conservation in our freezer (entirely dedicated to musculoskeletal tissue conservation) is at -80°C. The tissue will be stored until the provided shipment date.

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