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Hub & Spoke Network

The Regional Healthcare System of Emilia-Romagna, in recent years has developed a Hub & Spoke network.
Such a model is divided into high specialisation facilities (hub) and lower specialisation facilities (spoke). The
Spoke facilities are several and spread on the regional territory, working as a first access point, to then
merge into higher specialisation hub facilities.

Our Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute BTM IOR has been classified as a high
specialisation hub facility for tissue banking by the Emilia-Romagna Region with the Law n° 91, April 1st,
1999. Lower specialisation spoke facilities are all the other orthopaedic clinics that provide the selection of
live donors and the consequent procurement of femoral heads which will be sent to the Musculoskeletal
Tissue Bank BTM for validation.


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