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Processing bone segments on a computerized machine

BTM publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

23 June 2022

Leonardo Vivarelli, engineer of the Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank directed by Dr. Dante Dallari, is the first signature of the scientific publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the result of the collaboration between the BTM and IFO - National Tumor Institute Regina Elena - San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome.

The article deals with bone segments processed on computer machine in a sterile environment for bone reconstructions needed after the removal of a bone tumor.

Through a computer simulation the study shows that the processing of the bone segment is workable, allowing to obtain: greater precision and less implantation time, reduction in the complexity of the intervention, improvements for the patient.

Before the clinical application of this computerized processing, further studies will need to be carried out to verify the results in terms of precision of machine-processed bone portions,  then evaluating the actual clinical use of bone segments thus obtained.

Gli autori BTM dell'articolo scientifico, da sinistra: il Dr. Dante Dallari, direttore BTM, con l'Ing. Leonardo Vivarelli e l'Ing. Marco Govoni dell'area R&S BTM
BTM authors of the scientific article, from left: Dr. Dante Dallari, BTM director, with Ing. Leonardo Vivarelli and Dr. Marco Govoni of the BTM R&D area


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