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We carry out studies and independent research projects along with cooperating with national and international hospitals and universities. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we apply our STEM competencies (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) intending to promote new products and services and at the same time safeguard the highest quality and safety standards for the distribution of musculoskeletal tissue.

Rappresentazione grafica dell'attività di ricerca e sviluppo


  • Custom Implants, planning and creation of custom-made tissues and endoprostheses with additive and subtractive technologies. The project (Operational Regional Programme – European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020) brought the creation of an innovative processing technique for tissues with an industrial robot installed inside the clean room.
  • BONES-BRMS, study regarding a structural chemical and physical analysis of osteochondral tissue via Raman spectroscopy paired with Brillouin spectroscopy to highlight the differences in composition and mechanical properties between healthy and pathologic bone tissue, afflicted by primary osteoarthrosis. 
  • TISS-KNEE, Gathering of biological sampling to create a structural and mechanical characterisation of ligamentous tissues and menisci of the knee joint.
  • Microspheres Project, experimenting new formula of engineered bone pastes with microcarrier at the controlled release of molecules with osteoinductive and/or antimicrobic action.
  • iGraft-C, a new formulation for bone paste added with an osteoinductive peptide
  • ProMet-ECMO, Comparative in vitro study of the mechanical properties of tendons harvested from cadaver donors who underwent Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO).
  • NervTransplant, A clinical study consisting in implanting portions of decellularised nerve in maxillofacial surgery. 
  • 3D-MALF II, surgical planning in pediatric patients afflicted by malformations, treated through the implantation of custom bone graft 3D printed with the aid of cut guides.


  • Supply of models derived from 3D printed CT scans. (information in the price list)
  • 3D bone models, applicable in the deceased bone reconstruction for training purposes of laboratory technicians involved in the processing of musculoskeletal tissue in the cleanroom
  • Projecting, prototyping, experimentation, production and commercialisation of bone derivates that require high precision processing via the use of an automated cutting system
  • Creation of 3D printed hemipelvis, used in the reconstruction of the body of deceased donors (optimisation of results and timings)
  • Use of the innovative robotised platform for the high precision processing of custom-made grafts for orthopaedics
  • Clinical experimentation of inter somatic lumbar fusion via cage made with cortical bone from a CNC Milling Machine



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2019 and previous years

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